Hands-On Healing

Awakening Your Healing Capacities | taught by Gary Kendall
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Gary Kendall
Gary Kendall
Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School, President

About the instructor

Gary's journey toward becoming a healer started with shamans from Peru. They taught him ways of healing that were deeply intertwined with honoring the Earth and acknowledging the consciousness of all beings of the Earth. Then he continued his studies in Mt. Shasta, California, with the great American healer Amorah Quan Yin, who hugely expanded his knowledge of healing and his technical skill. He has been a practicing healer for many years, now working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Gary is the author of We Are The Future Earth: Reflections of a healer’s pilgrimage to Argentina’s spiritual heartland (Available through Amazon). He is currently completing a second book Breaking Bubbles: And Awakening Oneness.


Hands-On Healing

A Course in Awakening Your Healing Capacities

This is a course that will enable you to express your healing capacities in the most simple and natural way. It introduces you to how to use your hands’ healing capacities and how to open the flow of divine healing energies through you. No previous experience is needed. ‘Hands-On Healing’ is intended as an introductory course for people who want to awaken their healing talents, or people who want to expand their capabilities with new knowledge and new techniques. Healing in this way can help to maintain health and to release energy blockages in yourself and others.

You can easily sign-up for this course with a partner and then practice healing with each other. Or you can also easily complete the course and then apply your new knowledge in healing yourself and others. The course describes and demonstrates all healing techniques in a step-by-step fashion. Every topic is supported with presentations, demonstrations, and Q&A. You also receive handouts with step-by-step descriptions of every technique. The course video was recorded during a live workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. You have the benefit of sharing the perspectives and experiences of those who took the course then.

This course focuses on the chakras and introduces two key healing energies with broad impact on healing. 'Advanced Hands-On Healing' is a second course that focuses on other parts of the light-body and introduces a variety of healing energies. Many of these techniques have been passed down from Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt by the great American healer Amorah Quan Yin.

 ‘Hands-On Healing’ is an excellent course for people who are thinking of expanding their knowledge of healing traditions.

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Interlude: Healing in Relationship to Oneness